Play as Aka, a 7 year old girl lost in Hell suffering from severe amnesia - remembering nothing but her name. Her soul was born with an unknown fearsome potential, and hence, upon her death, some unknown being split her soul (and memories) into 8 souls.

Just what power did Aka hold that troubled the unknown being?

Her main soul, although now pure without sin, is very weak. The 7 lost souls, represents the 7 sins - in normal cases, every human soul has these 7 sins.

She has to collect and find/meet her other 7 souls that are scattered in Hell, before she can face the devil, Lucifer. As she tries to find these souls, she slowly finds clues of her past and bit by bit, recovers her memories.

However, it is not all as it seems - there are rumors surrounding creation and Heaven. Is Lucifer really to blame? What sin did she commit that made her deserve to go to Hell?

When the game is finished (in a few years time), it intends to contain a rogue-like story with various endings, theme of overcoming mental issues, self improvement and dark themes. For now, feel free to playtest the game and provide feedback by clicking on the "Request Access" button! Join the Discord to provide feedback and help shape the game!


Please note some art may have been adjusted different to the artist's intentions. If you have questions, email [email protected].

Anime art:
  • Angel, Black haired Nun, Sue Kanova the Demon Throne Girl, Demon Baby Gopnik - Ms Pantsu
  • Pink haired Nun - chiiihirro
  • Large Demon (the one in the bubble scene) - kiokoi
  • Anime Animations - HELLIST (Unity3D)
Pixel art:
Effects & shaders:
Beta Testers & Feedback:
  • Chötgör#9062