You got sent to Hell... but, you were saved from eternal torture by a Nun.

Why were you specifically saved and not another? Maybe you were the chosen one?

Journey as you uncover not only your past and cause of death, but hidden lies and conspiracies surrounding Heaven and Hell.

Will you succeed or forever be tortured in Hell as Lucifer's simp?

Meet interesting characters like a 10 month old baby - but what is a baby doing in Hell? Such reality is cruel.

The release date of the game is not yet known but will take a few years to finish the game. Join the Discord to find out more!


Please note some art may have been adjusted different to the artist's intentions. If you have questions, email [email protected].

Anime art:
  • Angel, Black haired Nun, Sue Kanova the Demon Throne Girl, Demon Baby Gopnik - PantsuShot
  • Player - Arupaoka
  • Pink haired Nun - chiiihirro
  • Large Demon (the one in the bubble scene) - kiokoi
  • Anime Animations - Alan Du (using Unity3D)
Pixel art:
Effects & shaders:
Beta Testers & Feedback:
  • Chötgör#9062